Letters to Young Lovers MP3

Elder Randy Skeete


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive a letter from a prophet? Would you have the courage to open the envelope and read its contents?

At no time in life is the right kind of counsel so important as when two young people are contemplating marriage. Throughout this book are letters written under the inspiration of God and addressed to young people to help them make the right choices relating to their courtship and marriage. We invite you to “open the envelope” and read what the Lord has said to others like yourself.

  • Section 1—Marriage—a Foretaste of Heaven
  • Section 2—Finding the Right Mate
  • Section 3—Is It Really Love?
  • Section 4—Looking for Help
  • Section 5—In Control
  • Section 6—Sexual Responsibility
  • Section 7—Shadow Over the Nest